Monday, January 31, 2011


*Hello, SNOW! (really need to pay attention to Paul, Bel & Sven more)
*We opted out of grocery shopping. No way a cart can get thru the parking lot.
*Bundled up and played outside!!!!!!!
*Mac & Cheese (from the box) for lunch. Kathryn made my day "it tastes like homemade!" (not that even "homemade" mac & cheese is healthy, but it's got to be better for you then the box, right?, right?!?!?!)
*During nap K and I watched "Despicable Me." After 2 pages of handwriting worksheets.
*Bath, Dinner, Bedtime at 5:30
*TP STILL at school. "Back to School Night"

::::ETA 9:37pm::::
Tommy brought home sushi: This is BLOG PARADISE.
Wasabi, that.

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