Saturday, January 29, 2011

1/29/11 TEN years?!?!?!

What a GREAT day!
*Kathryn started skating lessons (a free 3 week class through the parks.) Tommy took her and she did fantastic- really listening and trying everything.
*Eleanor stated a music and movement class through community ed. She loved it. Smiles the entire time.

*Kathryn went to a fun princess themed birthday party.
*Tommy spent that time grading at a coffee shop.
*Madeline worked on perfecting her crawling skills- focusing on speed and distance.

*I had my TEN year London study abroad reunion at Brits. It was a blast! There was a great turnout, everyone (save my bangs) looked exactly the same, we told stories, looked at pictures, caught up, and spent time laughing and chatting. The directors of the trip- Joe and Linda were able to come and it was wonderful to see them (and I'm sure they liked seeing that everyone has turned out OK.) Just a really fun night! Can't believe it's been TEN years.

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