Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21/11 TGIF Edition

*-15 this morning. Tried to convince the small people to go back to bed.
*Eleanor slept horribly last night. Molars.
*ECFE is always a welcome break. The girls like their time with the teachers and I like the parent time. And the parent snacks.
*I purposely don't eat breakfast on Friday morning.

*A city inspector came today to inspect our appliances. He inspected for about 2 seconds.
*We passed.

*Popcorn and movie afternoon with Kathryn.
*Finding Nemo.

*I did my best to just sit there and watch. For about 2 seconds.
*Read the paper and watched. Close enough.

*Family game night of charades. By far the best was Kathryn's "rocking horse." (not pictured)

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