Monday, January 10, 2011


*New oven. Check. Check.
*Working on Kathryn's "simple" birthday party with a handful of her girl-friends.
*Party game ideas. What did people do before the internet??? So far- Pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, simon says, pinata (Tommy's not on board- the whole weapon and destruction thing and being inside) Do we need more?
*She's SO excited. AND came up with idea of make your own pizza. (I was going to do take out.)
*She wants a dollhouse. UM, we already have 2 and a barn. Kathryn's response: "I'm building a village."
*Need to figure out a craft.
*She wants balloons. Lots of balloons. I hope her life can always be this simple. We can do balloons.
*A lovely afternoon with my non-napping almost-4 year old. Who's really starting to "get" birthdays.


Sarah said...

A new fridge and a new oven!! Sounds Prettyawesome to me.

WaterQualityWoman said...

Hi Casey - Jan here. Beautiful daughters you have - you're all very fortunate. Mary sent me the link to your blog - fun :)


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