Sunday, November 07, 2010

BlogLove @ Aveda

Tonight I went to a BlogLove event at Aveda Southdale. With real bloggers. I'll always say I have a blog, but I've never called myself a blogger- heck, my blog doesn't even have a cute name anymore- Our Little Family just got too big, Livin' in the Gangsta's Paradise upset my neighbors --their big concern- who exactly are the gangstas us or them?

Anyway back to the BlogLove at Aveda- it was hosted by Chris Ann of Love Feast Table and I was invited by Elle of All Things Bright and Beautiful. After Elle's pumpkin donut party and all the fun folks there- I knew the evening would be a great time. She knows fun!
{Hair consultation-this would've been a cool picture had I turned the bottle so you could read Aveda- DOH!
And then my camera died.}

We split up into 4 groups and Aveda pampered us with skin consultations-makeup, neck-back massages, hair consultations and hand treatment and hand massages. Hello, relaxation. Aveda served their signature tea (the stuff I down like crazy when I get my hair cut at Aveda Institute) They weren't able to serve wine, but Elle and I made up for it at Ruby Tuesday's on the way out.
I follow lots of blogs of strangers around the country, but it's never occurred to me to look more closely at Minnesota blogs- the ones I read locally are people I know "in real life" so I've been having a blast reading all their lovely blogs- so much creativity and talent- in their writing, photography, design, crafts, lifestyle, etc. I'm looking forward to get to know this amazing community both through their blogs and IRL!

{SWAG! Thanks Aveda- love it!}

It also made me very excited about my own blog- this place I've been sharing little moments of my simple life to the world- but more importantly when hard-drives crash (twice) and picture are lost and the details of the everyday are forgotten I'm able to turn to our own little cyber record of it all. At least the good stuff anyway!!! I do love to share my blog with others, but more importantly it's a place us to record our memories.

Enough blog-sap and on to the blog-gush--- we switched bedrooms with the girls (post/pics to come) a couple of weeks ago, but during my planning process I had searched out turquoise girls bedrooms and came across All Things Turquoise and spent days going through this blog looking at colors and design ideas. I about died when she was there tonight. I'm pretty sure I freaked her out too, with my rambling and arm flapping, I couldn't believe she was there.
{photo from Chris Ann}

The Entire Group
{photo from Chris Ann}

(Front row) Chris Ann~LoveFeast Table, Anna~Motherly Law, Maggie~Gussy Sews, Allison~O My Family, Kristin~High Heels And A Hammer

A very FUN evening!
And maybe, just maybe, I'll get me a Twitter account...


Kristen said...

I'm so glad you came with Elle. It was very fun getting to know you. You have a lovely blog and a beautiful family. Hope to see you again at another event.

LoveFeast Table said...

So, glad you joined us for our BlogLove event!! It was a pleasure meeting you. By the way your picture was beautiful, you look refreshed!! Also~you totally have to get a twitter account~it's the next best thing to getting together IRL!~Chris Ann

ellethenovice said...

You are too sweet, Casey. We'll have to play (with kids or without) again soon. :)

MollyinMinn said...

It was so great to meet you and get to wander through an evening of pampering together. Hope to see you again, soon.


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