Tuesday, June 29, 2010

18 months (+1 day) 7 weeks (+2 days)

Eleanor is officially 18 months old now. She's as busy as can be, likes to explore, has really started climbing on things. She loves to swing, have her sippy cup close by, and play with dolls. Her laugh is contagious, she loves to imitade us (raising her hands up to stretch after we do) she loves being read to, splashing in the water. She gets really mad if someone takes away something she's playing with! She likes to color, eat chalk, ride bikes and play with her sisters. Happy 18 Months Ells Bells!

Madeline is 7 weeks old. She's starting to occasionally smile (mostly at Kathryn.) She's rolled a couple of times from her belly to back. Her neck seems strong to me. She likes to be in her sling or in the wrap. She's not convinced yet of how nice a bath can be, but still likes being swaddled. Madeline gets upset for 2 reasons- hunger or tired- so she's pretty easy to please. Can't remember life without you. Happy 7 Weeks Rue-Rue!

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