Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Last Couple of Weeks...

With the harddrive crashing and all- I've been slow to put pictures on the computer that and we need iLife or something to store and organize the pictures. So we're working on that part but here's some of what we've been up to---

The fall open house at Bachmann's. They had a petting zoo, hay maze and snacks- more apple donuts!

Enjoying Underwater World!

Just being cute one morning.

Play area at EP Center.

Family hike at Hyland yesterday. It was so gorgeous outside! both Kathryn and I took awesome naps in the afternoon.

TC Marathon-- we didn't get any pictures of Peter!!! He did a great job- I *think* a personal best- even in the freezing cold rain!! Way to go Peter!!!!!!! Kathryn and I didn't watch too much becuase of the weather but Tommy and Laura went around to different spots to watch. The first runners are a blur- so fast!

While TP was watching the marathon- the Ds stopped over for a visit. And finally a picture of how I found Kathryn napping this Sunday afternoon- with her bible.

Unfortunately she didn't nap too long so now we're cuddled up on the couch watching a little Lady and the Tramp! We're not big into letting her watch TV- but it's so yucky out and so cozy inside together.

We also did some fun stuff with friends this past week- sans the camera- book club at Peter and Laura's where we discussed Tommy's selection-The Sparrow and for the VP debates Carolyn came over for some black bean and salsa soup and political fun. I need to improve my picture taking and blogging!!! Have a great week!

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Karine and Tom said...

What a doll! I love the black and white outfit. Hope you're feeling good- you look great!


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