Tuesday, September 16, 2008

short update

I keep starting posts about our busy last week and weekend - but just can't get them done!  So I think I might just start fresh- last week was full of Kathryn centered activities- I might be over scheduling her a bit but I realize in a couple of months with new baby and the weather we'll be home a lot.  So out and about for now. 

{Story time at Southdale Library}

Friday night we celebrated Kathryn's 20 month birthday at Snuffy's in Edina.  

{20 months at Snuffy's- sharing malt with Daddy}

It was the perfect setting for us- other children there to entertain her so we can enjoy our meal!  I'm working on a list of the words she says now.  Everyday it's something new!  She's crazy about reading books and will watch our mouth as we pronounce new words.  We play a lot of Eye/I Spy while we read- the best is when she finds something I missed.  She's obsessed with fish and babies! Thanks to Jessi we learned that teacher's get a FREE membership to the Underwater World at MOA and a very discounted family membership- so we plan to do that in the next week or so. 

On Saturday K and T went to the Children's Book Festival- unfortunately the weather was poor so they didn't see much music (Lisa Loeb, Justin Roberts, and They Might Be Giants were the big acts) while I did some wedding photography stuff with Erin.  Sunday was great for me- I did a huge grocery trip at Target- out cupboards are pack jammed- other then produce/farmer's market goods we should be without shopping for awhile. I know it'd probably be cheaper at Cub, but I was in a Target mood.  

Then Tommy watched the big game and I read the paper. I'm sorta into Sunday afternoon football- it was very quiet and relaxing afternoon- probably because it was rainy so we could just hunker down at home.

{Chili eating from last Monday night football}

Yesterday the neighbor's gas was turned off and apparently to do this they dig up the yard and bring along a huge body guard- with a gun and handcuffs.  It was very exciting- my picture's blurry from the window screen.  I might live in Murderapolis but we don't see many guns on our street.  

{gunz in the 'hood}

I also Halloween decorated- I just need a hay bale for outside and we're done!  Have a great Tuesday! 

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