Sunday, September 07, 2008

SaTuRdAy FuN

We had a great Saturday! In the morning we went to Minnetonka Orchards in the morning for their open house weekend. Usually it's $4 a person but yesterday and today it's free! Kathryn went on a wagon ride, petted a pony, clucked with the chickens, climbed a hay mound (she got really high up!), played with other children and we all ate some apple cinnamon donuts. The weather was perfect- very crisp and cool in the morning, but sunny. Tommy's grandmother Nell (so K's great-grandmother) knitted the sweater she's wearing- isn't it beautiful!

In the afternoon we went to Brit's Pub for Bonnie's 30th Birthday Party. We sat outside on the rooftoop and enjoyed some food, drinks, and catching up with everyone. It was very fun- we had a great time! There was even a mini-London reunion. Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!!

Then we came home and ate pizza with the Ds- Mary had been watching Kathryn while we were gone. The only bad part of the day was Kathryn was getting sick so hopefully she feels better soon!

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