Friday, September 26, 2008


The week flew by- we've been busy with this and that so i'm looking forward to the weekend and seeing Tommy again! Last Thursday I had my GD test- I haven't heard back so no news is good news right! Everything seems great with baby- moving a lot- kicking at the ribcage. I'm still sleeping fine which is great! I think Kathryn is starting to notice the belly- she likes to pat it and then she shows me her belly!

Tommy was QB at his game on Tuesday- I think he's usually the snapper (is that even a postion- who knows?) but it sounds like some star athlete from West Pointe has been snapping lately. Hopefully we'll get to one of his games before the season is over!

Kathryn was sad at separating time at ECFE yesterday- I watched her through the window- she looked for me and then spotted her comfort item a pink Piglet blanket, gave it a snuggle, regained her composure and was off playing! So sweet and I got the biggest hug when I came back. In a couple of weeks they video tape the children playing and I'm really looking forward to watching that and seeing what she does when mama's away. Her teachers say such nice things about her kindness and her sense of humor. It makes me so proud to be her mom!

Not much else-- happy it's Friday!

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