Thursday, September 04, 2008

~First Day of ECFE~

Today was Kathryn's first day of ECFE! She loved it- playing with new friends, singing songs, splashing in the water table, shooting baskets, dancing with bubbles. The best part was her huge smile for 2 hours!!!! I'm not exagerating- she was so happy, confident and curious. I was able to chat with some great moms from the neighborhood (events like this make me wish I drank coffee- everyone drinks coffee!) and I was so impressed with the teachers. You really tell how much they love their job and working with children and families. We can't wait for next week!!!

1 comment:

Kristin and Peter said...

I'm glad Kathryn likes ECFE! Sam loved it last year, and we are excited to start up again on Monday. See you tomorrow:-)


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