Sunday, August 31, 2008


I just noticed this will be post 500!!! Unfortunately I don't really have a blog topic-- the new external harddrive crashed last week!! The computer store people were shocked and declared it a fluke. Yesterday TP installed a new internal hard drive - saving us $160. I think he should start a side business so if anyone needs a new internal harddrive installed he'll do it!! Hopefully this will be the end of the harddrive drama.

Last weekend we saw Little House on the Prairie with the Ds. It was a very fun show.

The week was busy with Tommy going back to work. Us girls at home were busy getting into our new schedule of activities, play dates and naps. All of my Fisher Price toys have arrived- I still need to assemble one of them, but otherwise we're ready and excited for the playdate on Friday.

It seems like we've been watching a lot of TV lately with the Olympics, DNC and now this week the RNC. Wasn't Michael Phelps awesome???
And we're back to weekly menu planning! We had a little summer hiatus but dinner is back. Have a great Labor Day!!! I can't believe summer is over!!

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