Monday, July 21, 2008

tri-tri-tri and more...

Yesterday Erin and Tom participated in the Annandale Heart of the Lakes triathlon. Erin beat the time she wanted and Tom placed 10th in his age division!!! Great Job!

For the 3rd of July we went to the Bloomington fireworks and concert- it was a great time. Kathryn had a blast dancing to the music and was fine watching the fireworks.

Then for the actual 4th of July with the Ds we went to the Edina parade, then had a traditional Independence Day meal of Chinese take-out and then went to the pool at Minnehaha Falls.

On one of Tommy's days off we took a road trip and our first stop was Pepin. Earlier in the summer I read all the Little House books (except Farmer Boy- I started it and I thought it was stupid so I quit reading it) and then in August we're going to see the show at the Gutherie with the Ds. Unfortunately I forgot Kathryn's bonnet so the picture is from mid-June. She makes a pretty cute pioneer girl!

Last Saturday was my cousin Tyler's wedding. It was avery fun night- catching up with lots of relatives. It was also Kathryn's 18 month birthday- but that's a future post!

Tommy's done working now so our days are pretty low key- playing in the sandbox, splashing in the baby pool, reading books, watching movies, taking naps, and an occasional house project!

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