Sunday, April 20, 2008


On Friday afternoon we drove to Omaha for Mark and Karen's wedding. The lovely couple invited us to the rehearsal dinner as a surprise for Tom and Karine. I think they were surprised to see us there!

Then Saturday- beautiful, warm, sunny day- we hung out at the pool for awhile, Tommy and Tom did man stuff while KP napped, then wedding time. It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed our time with friends!

Today we went swimming, chatted and then on our way out of town we saw the Mormon Pioneer Cemetery. It was very interesting over 300 LDS pioneers died there the winter of 1846-47. A very fun fast weekend!

**One really neat idea at the reception was a children's activity table--an assortment of coloring books and crayons, some plastic dinosaur toys, and goldfish crackers--it was such a simple idea but so smart! Kathryn munched on crackers, while clutching a dinosaur and watching the other children. It really seemed like it kept the children busy before dinner was served and before all the dancing. I just thought it was such a great idea!!**

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KarenLew said...

Thanks for sharing the pics from our wedding! It was so great that the Pirsma family could be a part of our special day!
Love, Karen and Mark


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