Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last Week

Last Thursday we went to Chris and Rob's with the Ps, Erin and their exchange student (she's from Wisconisn.)

On Friday Erin came over to play, we had lunch and during nap time we watched Juno.
Saturday was baby book club at the library. Afterwards Kathryn enjoyed sitting at a table doing puzzles and playing with magnents.

Sunday I went to Baby Mama with some MMs. Very cute movie! And if you go to SLP before 6pm it's only $5.50 ($9 other places!)

Our big project lately has been finding the perfect BPA free water bottles for Kathryn. We finally settled on a SIGG and a Nalgene. We also liked the Froodo but it seemed silly to get another sippy cup as she's starting to use regular cups with meals.
Thanks to Target, Linden Hills Store, and REI for being patient with our many purchases and returns!

I am happy to report the bottles Kathryn used- the Medela brand was rated excellent
and is BPA free!!!! Check out the list and support the BPA free companies!
And finally Sunday was Carter's 4th Birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Carter! She got a new haircut and a new toy! Her party was supposed to be at the dog park but because of the cold weather- we're going to reschedule!

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Kristin and Peter said...

Thanks for the link to the BPA information. I've been looking for something that has information about all the different brands in one place. Very helpful!!!


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