Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fifteen Months

Today Kathryn is the big 15 months old. I think she has really grown a lot this last month- the main thing is the (re)discovery of the great outdoors. She's been playing outside, taking walks, going on bike rides like crazy. In fact having to come back inside is not easy or pleasant! I'm 90% sure she means mama and daddee correctly that or it's an amazing fluke! She says something very similar to here when she hands you things and says Caca at Carter. She has 4 teeth still plus 1/2 of a front one and 1/2 of a back one (I haven't taken the time or interest in learning the names of teeth) Her new morning and nap routine includes laying back down for a back rub then handing me stuffed animals to hug, I give them back and then she hugs them. Her sippy cup is her lovey that and a really big spoon. We also went against the compact and bought her some plastic stacking cups from Ikea- she loves the cups- to me stacking cups doesn't seem that interesting or fulfilling to Kathryn it is the world!! Usually Saturday mornings is baby story time- last year at story time she was a baby- now she's a big kid (most likely very scary to the parents of the actual babies) she hasn't much interest in the stories (Kathryn loves to read at home) but more into the other children and toys and escape from the room. We didn't go today because she's teething- so drippy eyes, drippy nose, red bum- she looks not so good but is in a good mood. Kathryn is definitely a giver or really just wants everyone happy- anytime other children are upset she'll offer what ever she can to them- it's very sweet! Her desire to explore and curiosity is as strong as ever- probably even more. Kathryn is really showing signs of only needing one nap- but she humors me and plays in her crib (with the stacking cups, of course) for a few minutes during what would've been her morning nap while I shower. Last night she attend her first Shakespeare play- A Midsummer Night's Dream with the Ps (OK, we just watched the fairy parts and left early!) and tomorrow she'll be partaking in her first 5K. Hopefully spring will come back soon so we can get back outside!!!

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