Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend in Review

We had a busy weekend around here- On Saturday we went to Cafe Maude for brunch to celebrate Ellen's birthday. I had the smoked chicken panini. We've been there twice now- I just love it.

Then we went to Edinborough for playtime. Kathryn loved climbing- but instead of crawling up the ramp- she'd walk up holding the netting. She also went down the slide by herself. Fun afternoon. (she's not wearing a belly shirt- it just needs to be pulled down!)

For dinner we ate spaghetti and watched Wedding Crashers on TV (very wild Saturday night)

On Sunday we went to the Ds community center pool for some swim time. You'll have to wait for those pics b/c they're on Jim's camera!

Late afternoon I met Book Club at Lyn/Lake for a little shopping and then dinner at It's Greek to Me (they don't seem to have a website.) Another VERY tasty place! And of course it's fun to see everyone!

Have a great Monday! Here's a (through the screen) pic of my little cardinal buddy!

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jessica said...

hi - jessica from MM here ;) is that you on the left in the picture? you're adorable!


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