Monday, February 04, 2008

Fun FAST Weekend

On Friday night we ate at Chang Mai Thai with the Ds. It was delish!

On Saturday AM I went to the quarter launch where it's a new routine and music. Then we brought Kathryn to the Ps while we went to see Barac Obama. We waited outside for almost two hours!!! I think I'm just now starting to feel my toes again. We were not dressed appropriately for being outside. We did meet some nice people. I miss our line friends.

It was very neat to see Obama. He is a great orator and it's amazing he could talk so long. Now who to caucus for? Tommy and I have seen Ralph Nader, John Kerry, John Edwards, Bill Clinton (leaving the Russian Art Museum) and Rudy Guiliani (crossing the street.) And now Obama!

Then we went back to the Ps to pickup Kathryn and eat some pizza.
On Sunday morning my back went out. I really wanted to call Dr. Andy to see if he makes house calls. Early afternoon it started to feel better but I didn't go to the Body Flow launch. We did to go Rosedale to walk around a bit and let Kathryn play in the play area. Then back home for naps- my back had had enough.

Last night we went to Jeremy and Sarah's for a Super Bowl Party- it was very fun to meet some new people and watch the big game! Have a great MONDAY!

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