Sunday, February 10, 2008

Friday and Saturday

Kathryn likes to empty out the hutch and sit in it!

Friday was TP's 29th birthday! He made cookies and brought them to work to share. For dinner we went to Joe Sensers- Tommy had won a gift certificate for there and he got a free meal on his birthday! They practically had to pay us at the end of the meal. OK not really but it was a great deal. Then we came home for brownies and a movie.

On Saturday we attempted the ordeal that is professional photos. Kathryn would not smile and was seemingly unimpressed with the process! But we did end up with some cute pictures. I'll post them when we get them! And I'm glad we don't have to do that again until next year!!!

Then the Cs and the Zs came over for dinner. We supplied the table and everyone brought everything else. THANKS FOR DINNER! Peter brought his WII- it was very fun to play. Tommy and I both liked playing tennis.

Today we are trying to stay warm (it's -14 right now!) This afternoon we're going to a concert in Stillwater and then dinner after with the Ds.

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