Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blog update

We're still around!!! Apparently "toddlers" like to get into everything and explore everywhere- Kathryn is experimenting and CLIMBING like crazy. By the end of the day a lot of our furniture is on top of the table or in the bedroom and then we start all over in the morning! We had a busy- fast week. Our BIG things were- Other Bookclub, Tommy playing a lot of church basketball, conferences, toddler playtime at the local park, season finale of MONK and Karen's shower. And we've been sick (of course!)

I'm having problems with getting the pictures off the camera and on to the computer so please hang tight- if I can't figure it out tomorrow I'll run the card to Target and make a CD. *Karen- I have really cute pics for you* If anyone knows why this is happening PLEASE leave me a message- my Canon Powershot A620 seems to be fine and the MAC PowerBook G4 seems fine, BUT when I put in the cord iPhoto keeps shutting down (and I don't even use iPhoto- I use Image Browser from Canon) and the menu screen of the camera goes black (camera menu screen works fine when not plugged in) We got Leopard recently and after that I had to manually use the camera menu to download my pics instead of clicking download on the computer, but now I don't know what to do... ANY ideas????? PLEASE help!!!

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