Thursday, January 31, 2008


LOST starts in like 10 minutes!!! Tonight he had an open house at school- who would schedule that on LOST night?

The last few days we've been inside staying warm. I let Kathryn play with her MP3 player today (a birthday gift she didn't know about) It's been a hit- she had it in her crib and after her nap would start playing the classical tunes. It was cute to watch her from the door. My camera batteries died so I only got one pic of her.

Yesterday at lunch Kathryn and her hair had spaghetti- yum.

Tonight Jess and I took the girls to Noodles and Company for dinner. The girls split a mushroom stroganoff! I forgot my camera (the batteries were still dead anyway.) Jess had an email coupon for a free meal- I'm all about checking out the websites of our favorite places to get on the email lists for the good deals! Thanks for the dinner Jess!!!

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