Monday, January 28, 2008


We had a very busy weekend! Friday night Joe and Brooke came over for dinner. Tommy says he made his best pasta sauce ever. It was very good!

On Saturday we went to the St. Paul Winter Carnival. The weather was beautiful! Kathryn enjoyed the Teddy Bear Band. We also watched some of the parade from a skyway and looked at the ice sculptures. We didn't have any hotdish - maybe next year. Here's a cool websiteabout the history of the carnival- I really like the old photographs.

That night we went to LaCasita with the Ps for a little fiesta.

Then they (the Ps not LaCasita) offered to babysit Kathryn while we go to a movie. YAY!!! We saw Juno and it was so good!

I'd like to see it again when it comes out on DVD to catch all the funny lines. I don't really like going to movies all that much for a couple of reasons- you can't really bring Kathryn, it's so expensive ($9!), and I don't like to sit that long w/o doing something else- but this movie kept my interest.

Yesterday- Sunday we went to Rock the Cradle at the Art Institute.

Kathryn went to a Music Together class and rocked out at the disco. She took a really long nap in the afternoon.

Last night was Book Club here. I made chicken tortilla soup and corn bread. I think it turned out OK. It was fun to catch up with everyone and chat!

The weather is great today- I think we're going to walk around the lake when Tommy gets home!

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