Friday, January 18, 2008


And it's only supposed to get COLDER!!! So in anticipation of not going anywhere this weekend I've spent the week dragging the girls from activity to activity! We've hit EP Center playground, Baby Book Club at the library and Edinbrough for a magic show and to play- so a very fast and busy week! Tommy didn't have students today and has Monday off! We're looking forward to our Friday night TV shows- Monk and Psych!!! We're also going to finish ripping up the basement carpet and burning pictures to DVDs.
Kathryn had a nice little first birthday! The Ds, Ps, Erin, Travis & Heather, Sophia and her parents, and Anna and Abby and their parents came over for some tacos and playtime. Instead of cake Tommy made cupcakes which turned out great and Kathryn seemed to like! You could tell Kathryn loved her party, seeing all her family, her two best friends, and she loves to follow big girl Abby!

Then on Sunday we went to Maple Grove Community Center for cousin Nate's first birthday. We enjoyed chatting with relatives and Kathryn love retriving escaped balls from the toddler ball pit (however she did not like going in the pit)

I still need to do the official Kathryn 12 month post- but a quick sampling-- she definately knows/says MAMA = ME which is pretty darn adorable except she usually says it when she's mad or can't find me! The other night I left for work and Tommy said she kept walking over to the kitchen door yelling MAMA, he'd distract her for a bit, and then she'd go back to the door calling MAMA. So she's in the attachment phase for sure!

Another cute story happened yesterday - I asked her if she was hungry? She growled YAGH (kathryn has a deep growly voice) back at me- and apparently I wasn't moving quick enough for her- because she headed to the kitchen and started pounding on the refridgerator! How does she know that???? So then I made a quiche and KP got pretty bad hives so no more quiche for awhile- which is a bummer because she SCARFED it! Oh well! Have a great WARM weekend!!!

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