Sunday, November 04, 2007

fun yet expensive weekend

On Friday Tommy came home from work and his muffler was falling off- it was very noisy. Midas still has his car and they keep finding stuff wrong with it- so annoying and so expensive. Esp. when we got oil changes/check up 2 weeks ago and everything was fine.

Saturday morning we went to baby story time at our local library- usually the children play for 10 minutes or so at the end- this time it was nearly an hour- all the moms and dads were chatting like crazy. It was interesting 2 women who didn't know each other were Dutch- so there was a lot of Dutch talk- they loved our last name! That night we watched Disturbia- a cute movie for around Halloween!

Today was my favorite day- we went to the Bad Waitress for brunch then the Mpls Art Institute for a Brenda Weiler concert. So fun! I think we'll be going to more of the Sunday concerts there. Kathryn loved the family playroom. Then we walked to a park and did some playing! This afternoon TP replaced our kitchen faucet- the old one was leaking-maybe craked? Who knew how expensive faucets are! I hate spending money on non-fun items like car stuff and kitchen faucets! It drives me crazy!

Tonight after Kathryn went to bed (at 6:30!) I made a holiday themed memo board for the kitchen- I think I'll use it for Christmas pics/cards. I think it turned out pretty cute. I have enough material to make another one- Does anyone want it? If so leave me a comment and I'll draw names on Wed. It was a fun and easy craft.


Sarah said...

I'd like to be in your drawing!

Kristin and Peter said...

hey, what the heck, i'll be in your drawing too!


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