Sunday, March 19, 2006

JODI and Book Club

WHAT A GREAT DAY!!! I love spring break!!! First we went to BW3 at the Har Mar Mall, then to Barnes and Noble to see one of my favorite authors' JODI PICOULT!!!!! She read from her new book The Tenth Circle, answered questions (was able to clear up some thoughts on My Sister's Keeper), and then signed books. SO FUN! From now on I'm going to pay closer attention to authors in town. And then TOMMY BOUGHT A LEATHER JACKET!!! (Truth be told it's pleather from Marshall's- we love that Har Mar Mall!) and then BOOK CLUB!!! We read the Jane Eyre Affair. It was a great read- fun, fast, and smart- last night we rented Jane Eyre (no not the original- this one had Elle McPherson in it!) Tom cooked the salmon--yummy- even if the grill was confused by the 2 feet of snow- Tommy did a bang up cleaning job- and I was the hostess with the mostess!!! Only Sarah and Karine were able to make it but we ended up having a great conversation because Tommy and Tom are both reading the book!!! Overall, a wonderful weekend (it helps without the usual homework stress!) - Tommy's chess team did well at a tourney yesterday (next weekend is MN STATE CHESS!!!), I was able to chill out, and we spent time with our wonderful friends!

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